To have or not to have the online shows for kids? What are the options?

How would that be at school for kids nowadays? How is that for teachers? Do they feel connected with kids during the pandemic?

I was wondering if I could help them. Knowing how tough it must be on the school administration with new regulations due to COVID-19, I decided to provide some indirect help to them and parents by creating edutainment videos with useful tips on how to understand kids and how to explain them different educational concepts which I would download on my YouTube Channel Natadity Natadity.

One day I receive a phone call from a French community asking me if I could provide an online show for 3 to 12 years old kids. Being five years in edutainment industry and having 15 years of experience with kids, I could not suggest them to watch my shows online. I knew it would not work for kids. Why?

As an adult, have you ever tried to watch a theatre play on TV? If so, have you enjoyed it? I doubt it. Frankly, even though my shows are dynamic and include puppets, music, impressions, shadows, ventriloquism, and many other tricks, unfortunately, they only create an engaging and fun environment for kids during the live performances. It is not effective if we perform them online. So, how could we help kids? How could we educate and entertain them online?

Here’s my experience and tips about what works at schools nowadays.

First, we should find out if the school has the appropriate equipment for online activities. Could they provide a big screen? Will that be available for your online activity? You might be surprised, but sometimes the school administration might book an online activity without considering the needed equipment. So, first ask if they have what is needed for the online activity.

Second, the only services that could be effective online are well-organised manual workshops. For example, how to make a paper puppet, how to draw, how to sew and many other hand crafts.

Third, we must adapt. Knowing that the online show would not be the best choice for kids and since the school could not provide a screen per each group, I had decided to create a new activity that would be enriching, fun, educational and exciting for kids and engaging for teachers and educators. It was a challenge.

So, I did create a new storytelling and edutaining activity. I wrote a script, and our team made a short film “The pandemic and Little Red Riding Hood.” I guess, you wonder why😊. The film serves as a tool for putting on a mime performance with kids from 4 to 12 years of age. Kids have fun imitating the characters, learn more about the virus transmission and practice the art of mime!

It is a safe pandemic activity which is not only fun and educational about the virus transmission, but it also helps kids to socialise, to uplift their spirit and self-esteem. Especially during the pandemic social limitations!

Instead of providing a show directly to kids, now we offer a conference for primary teachers and educators and provide all necessary tools and tips for putting on a mime performance with kids in class. The activity is extremely easy to organise and I hope that teachers would like to try the innovative activity as well.

So, basically, primary school administration has an opportunity to choose online hand crafts activities and try innovative activities.

If you are a primary school teacher, would you try a new form of activity, especially if you know that it will be helpful for kids?

Always happy to serve,

Nataliya and the team

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