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NATADITY ENT was created in 2016 by Nataliya Senyuk, a former language instructor, bilingual daycare provider, registered nurse, educational performer, and author of the book Lead me into my future! 

My very first desire to create a new teaching approach woke up right after an orthopedic specialist told me that my three-year-old son would not be able to succeed at school. I wanted to prove that she was wrong, and so, she was!

Being a nanny, an educator, a language instructor, a graduate who managed to complete her BBA while taking care of two preschool kids, and a founder of a successful mobile theatre EDUTAINMENT SHOW’S for daycares, schools, and camps;
Nataliya soon realized that a fine mix of education and art, especially storytelling, in unity with personal growth stimulus helps children to expand their curiosity towards the unknown while simultaneously growing their understanding of who they are as individuals.

Who we are

NATADITY is built on three pillars




We create PRODUCTS for 3- to 9-year-old kids that develop their curiosity to learn. Education should not be boring; it should be stimulating! For that reason, we creatively design products for your child that always include two magical components:


Do these two elements guarantee the future success of our kids? Products on their own can’t guarantee that, of course. We first need to understand a kid’s personality, their behaviour, and motives. Natadity provides VIDEO TUTORIALS for adults with kids that explain how to find the right teaching approach for different personalities as well as mini films with puppets in funny situations. While having fun watching mini films, it also helps you to recognize different personalities, their behaviour, and grow your understanding of them. Therefore, Natadity adds one more component which is:


If you wish to discover more on how to raise kids successfully, please don’t miss the upcoming book written by Nataliya Senyuk Lead me into my future!


To help children to become lifelong learners by creating a stimulating combination of ART and EDUCATION and PERSONAL GROWTH.


Provide help to each parent and each teacher in finding the right approach for each child. Inspire every child from 3 to 9 years of age through an entertaining mix of art and education.


We promote bilingualism and multiculturalism, we fight social biases, and constantly invest in research to identify new methods and ways that make the learning process as stimulating and fun as possible. 


We believe that stimulation at a young age leading to a passion for lifelong learning will prevent suicidal attempts of many teenagers and young adults.


In 2016, Natadity produced the first EDUTAINMENT SHADOW SHOWWho’s going to save the Gingerbread man?” The premiere of the show was very successful, and since then, and until March 12, 2020, Natadity has been creating seasonal educational shows for daycares, primary schools, and community centres. In order to make educational concepts interesting for kids, all storytelling shows were designed to be interactive and dynamic. They consisted of a variety of art forms, such as shadows, puppetry, ventriloquism, voice impressions, mimes, dance, zumba, workshops, and acting. THE EDUTAINMENT SHOW’S were shown across Gatineau, Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal, Canada.

Due to COVID-19, all shows have unfortunately been cancelled in recent years and, since then, Natadity has started to create edutainment toys and videos that contain useful tips for parents, educators, and teachers on how to understand and teach kids.

We love children and we want them to succeed not only at school, but also in life!


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